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A blessing to safeguard our roads - Frontier Services

The Blessing of the Roads was organised by the local government body, Reach Out, which is run by the Shire of Esperance. A blessing to safeguard our roads. Rob estimates about 40 motorists took heed of the road safety message at the Blessing ceremony. The Blessing of the Roads has a long history.

Colin Maltbie is the rector of St. He is passionate about building the body of Christ and reaching out to the community in variety of ways.

An Irish Blessing (May the road rise)

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And also with you. They are brought to their knees and fall, but we rise up and stand firm.


What This Irish Blessing Means: "May the Road Rise Up to Meet You"

May the God guard my travels, for the Lord knows the road ahead of me. Keep me safe, Lord, through swirling turns and rolling hills. Let the eagle guide me to the mountaintops, Let the moonlight guide me through the night, Let the air of spring breathe life into my soul, To begin a new journey and adventure, Out on the open road.

And those are just the ones we have covered so far. We have yet to get to the parts about being hungry, forgiving, indulging of those who do not warrant it and, best of all, taking responsibility for the shape of our heart. The requisite pose for such blessing is not popular.

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  • Furthermore, its not natural. Pretty sure Jesus sensed that when he made these wild and wide declarations.

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    • These Beatitudes serve as a potent prelude to the larger work of Sermon on the Mount. The largest portion of that deals with how we conduct our lives. There is even a section on handling conflict and how we treat people actively opposed to us.

      Roads in Mayo get prayers and blessings in a bid to reduce road deaths

      But before all that, Christ calls out our character. What we do, have, and accomplish, will always be subject to the foundational limitation of who we are. Jesus is pretty clear that the road to blessing starts there.