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If you ask people to reflect on their own stream of consciousness, they often describe experiences like this.

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Usually termed inner speech, it is also referred to as the inner voice, internal monologue or dialogue, or verbal thought. But although philosophers have long been interested in the relationship between language and thought, many believed that inner speech lay outside the realms of science.

That is now changing, with new experimental designs for encouraging it, interfering with it and neuroimaging it. The voice in our head is finally revealing its secrets, and it is just as powerful as you might have imagined.


Power of the inner voice

Much of modern research has been inspired by the long-neglected theories of L. Vygotsky , a Russian psychologist whose career unfolded in the early days of the Soviet Union. Starting …. Existing subscribers, please log in with your email address to link your account access. If this were a friend or a colleague then I would, without question, place them in the 'too difficult bin' and cut them out of my life.

So why do I find it so difficult to ignore the siren call of Little Steve? Well because I guess he is, quite literally, a part of me and I have to face the fact that I can never fully eradicate him from my life. Whether I like it or not, he is the subconscious Mr.

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Hyde to my physical Dr. Whenever I have managed to block him out for a short time he always manages to turn up again like the proverbial bad penny.

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He occasionally wakes me up in the middle of the night and then he won't let me get back to sleep again "Oh it's that big presentation in the morning isn't it, I really hope you have rehearsed enough". Or he tries to distract me when I am in a meeting or on the phone "See, I told you there would be talk about the McKinsey Loop again and that's not exactly your strong suit is it mate?

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  • Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you should ignore your intuition or gut feeling. When you ask your rational self a pertinent question and you embark upon a journey to better understand your feelings or if you have to make a tough decision, then that's fine. By all means, learn to trust those judgments.

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    The voice that you speak to may sound exactly the same it is YOU after all and so it would be a bit weird if it sounded like someone else but even though it sounds identical it isn't the same as the inner voice which arrives uninvited and is invariably critical of almost everything you do.

    So I've been trying to figure out how to shut this irksome individual up and have discovered five things that I absolutely love to do which are also surefire ways to keep him quiet:.

    Writing - whenever I'm immersed in penning an article for Inc. As I play with different combinations of headlines, sentences and phrases that slow methodical process of mentally whispering the text completely drowns out his contemptuous chatter.

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    Reading - it has much the same effect as writing albeit with one key difference. My voice is downgraded to the role of narrator with the various voices of the characters taking centre stage. And that cacophony of communication serves to muffle the inane ramblings of my inner voice. Running - actually any kind of exercise is a powerful way of exorcizing the demon inside your ear but my preferred method is running.