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One program took her to California, where she went hiking for the first time. Recently, for example, her experience in Tanzania helped her make a connection with the owner of an East African restaurant in Harlem. During the Iraq War, she and her peers made and collected art from students in the United States and sent them to Iraqis. The project tapped into both her passion for expression through art and her commitment to helping others. In , Khalifa graduated from college with a degree in neuroscience.

About Our mission is to empower young people to affect positive change in their communities. You can help build a better tomorrow. It starts right here.

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Right now. For Youth Our mission is to empower young people to affect positive change in their communities. Featured Get Connected With everyone making a difference, we can change the world… Change-makers just like you are finding ways to get inspired,…. For Educators Our mission is to empower young people to affect positive change in their communities. Featured Lesson Plans A global community. Quality curriculum.

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Professional development. And SO much more. Our Model Our mission is to empower young people to affect positive change in their communities. Featured Compassionate Traits Your best you: Thoughtfulness, consciousness, and compassion.

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From the playground to the boardroom, you hold the key to shaping the…. Projects Our mission is to empower young people to affect positive change in their communities.

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Featured Take Action From a 1-Click to a world-changing project, you are an agent of change… You want to do something about the…. Overview About Dr. Featured For Educators.

For Youth. From my observations, I note that as young people we often complain about how youth programs are limited to youth month only. Of course it is understandable as to why there would be such great emphasis during the month in which we commemorate the efforts young people have made towards the bettering of our nation; however we must caution and encourage society as a whole to work towards the implementation of year-long, sustainable and long-term youth programs and initiatives.

Young people, further argue that the big youth programs of youth month are limited to big cities such as Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town and not taken to the rural areas in the different provinces.

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This is problematic as young people living in rural areas are equally in need of the type of exposure and opportunities that come with these programs. However, in this article, I want to further argue that in our programs let us not forget the youth living in small towns.

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Since December , I have frequented a small town called Knysna, on the northern coastline of the Western Cape. South Africans who are familiar with or have heard of Knysna will often mention how Knysna is a beautiful, affluent, small holiday destination situated along the Garden Route associated with the wealthiest folks of our country. People will speak about the beautiful forests and beaches, the jaw-dropping Knysna Heads, the lovely Spa sessions at Conrad Pezula et cetera et cetera… But never will you hear anyone mention the small townships up the hill on the other side of the N2.

Many people have probably been to Knysna a lot of times and never seen the township itself.

You need labour to clean the hotels, serve at restaurants, clean the streets, build the houses etc. You need workers, who as a legacy of the historical regimes of South Africa, are the proletariat of our society and predominantly live in our townships.

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So, there is a township in the small town called Knysna and in that township, there is a youth. A youth whose immediate goal is to find a job in one of the holiday resorts in Knysna, like Conrad Pezula, or one of the best restaurants such as The Dry Dock. Topping that, would be to find a job in a neighbouring town which is a bit bigger, called George.

It is shocking how you can see such a vast difference in the livelihood of different peoples communities in such a small space. UNISA is a long-distance and e-learning orientated institution. It is wonderful that the Knysna library has internet access; however the library closes at 17h Note that I, a young person from the townships of Knysna, work day shift and use the night to study. The most reasonable cell-phone network is Cell C, but the network does not pick up in the township very well, only Vodacom picks up clearly.

So, even if I wanted to go study at home and hot-spot from my cell-phone, I cannot afford to.