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We value your privacy. Excerpt from a live webinar. Jen, thank you. You and Ellie are an inspiration to us all. The communication transformation process. Learn the fundamentals 2. Develop the basics 3. Enrich your interactions with advanced concepts 4. Have conversations 5.

Teach your Parrot to say Hello, Whatta you doing, Goodmorning & I Love you! (With 1 hour breaks)

Learn together. Two Special Options to Learn Fundamentals. Register for our live, online course. Or choose our self-paced course to learn at your own convenience! The courses are broken into six modules, each containing three-to-six lessons. The lessons contain videos, slide handouts, and downloadable materials.

Polly Wants a Cracker and Polly Can be Taught to Ask for One

We meet regularly. It's for every level of learner. Even basic math lessons can be incorporated into your lessons! It's all about the communication.

How to Teach your Bird to Talk

How much time does it take to teach my bird? Thus, the time allotment is really determined by both of you — how much time do you have available? Some birds learn best with more frequent, shorter trainings. Others enjoy longer learning sessions, with more material covered. And sometimes Mom or Dad only has time for a five or ten minute learning session.

While parronts can engage in gentle learning play activities, young birds may not yet have reached the developmental stage of being able to process complex cognitive functions. Jen engaged in learning play activities with two-year-old Isabelle for a few months before beginning to teach her to read—and then she too was reading within a few weeks. At the same time, we must also endeavour to understand the pet birds' methods of communications.

How to Teach Your Pet Bird to Talk

Pet birds may communicate by making certain sounds. Some sounds indicate that it wants to be touched or come out of its cage. Other sounds are made when birds are frightened. Birds also communicate by body language and as caring owners we need to understand this body language. The methods we use to teach our birds to talk are exactly the same as those we use when teaching our children to talk. Both children and birds learn to talk by looking and listening to their parents and siblings.

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Before we can teach our birds to talk, there are a few important prerequisites. These are listed below:. Our health programmes will help your bird to achieve perfect health. Your bird also must be happy in his environment; for example, he must have plenty to do to keep him busy. Intelligence Not every bird has the capacity to talk. Some bird species are more intelligent than others. This is not to say that other species do not talk. We have never heard Neofemas , Peachface parrots , Cockatiels nor small Conures talk, but they make many other sounds and communicate in this way.

Feathered Phonics CD 1: Teach Your Bird to Speak 96 Words & Phrases!

Love and Trust Birds will only talk if they love and trust their owner. It is a method they use to get their loved ones attention. Without this love and trust, your pet bird will never talk because it has nothing to say to you. Care, Patience and Time Birds respond in exactly the same way as children do. The more care and time we give them, the more quickly they will learn. Daily Routine Birds need a set daily routine to feel safe and be happy.

Time set aside for lessons should form part of this daily routine. Short lessons that incorporate playfulness offer the best way to teach your bird to talk. Young Birds The weaning period of birds corresponds to a child between the ages of 2 and 5. This is an age when learning a language is easiest. In the wild, this is a critical age when birds learn to survive on their own.

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