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The first step is to get you from to ; then you can make the jump from to I plan to take SAT in October this year. I want to increase my score to at least I know that it would be so hard. But i will study really hard to reach it. How do I improve my CR and writing? Is it possible that I will get by October? For Writing, start with the Grammar Diagnostic Test. For Reading, start with the Critical Reading Bootcamp. And make sure you do a practice section per day! Within these two days, I really need at least — points increase.

My math is excellent, as I am getting and higher most of the time with 4 or fewer mistakes, but my writing and critical reading are killing my score. However, the only real way to improve is put in the time over the summer, so you should commit to doing a full study program over the summer months to prep you to crush the October test. When you have more time, I suggest starting with the Grammar Diagnostic Test and Grammar Bootcamp series both available free on this site. For Reading, you could check out the sample Critical Reading Bootcamp videos and see if you like them.

The majority of that series and the videos overall is located in the Members Area of the site. Is there any any last minute advice before i go into the test or quick study tips? Going from to is definitely possible. Thank you so much for sparing your time to read this! Lamentably here I am, trying to incorporate SAT words.. So I was reading all available materials about the SAT.

Finally, I ended up with a mess of rumours and ideas in my head. Now I have a bunch of quetions, if you could be so kind and answer them: 1. Does one really need to squeeze as many SAT words as possible in one essay? Basically, just substitute every simple word with remote SAT synonym, write a lot on topic without any sophistication, and you are good to go. Reading comprehension How to learn words in the best, not the fastest way?

Which way is the most effective? Is there a strategy to improve that, to practice attentiveness, so to say? In reality all the mistakes are mine. As a result, I have no chance of showing my skill on a test day. It reads terribly to any reasonably discerning reader. The SAT is looking for proper diction, i. These are the words that appear most often on SATs. Math: Yes, one thing you can do is force yourself to underline key words in the text of the problem as you read it, especially tricky words like NOT, positive, integer, etc.

As for tackling test anxiety, the most important thing you can do besides solid prep is to put yourself into testing conditions by taking full practice tests. Then I took the math diagnostic test and knew all the concepts. I know that my English sections are where I need to work, and luckily I have all summer. If you have any advice or anything that might help me study the English sections that would be great.

If you do have any advice, other than the program, because I am doing that, please e-mail me or message me back on here. When they release your score report, please send it to me so I can take a closer look at the breakdowns. Any tips on doing so? Will I be able to increase my score by points? I assume you took the May SAT, right? I was planning to take it in November. Should I start prepping for it now? The key is to study a little bit every day.

Commit to studying 1. Do that and I like your chances! I want to improve my reading score…. I studied hard for it…so could you give me some advice? How did you study, how often, etc. I got a total in March Math, Writing, and Reading. I would like to get at least a in June preferably a in reading. I go through the same process like eliminating choices but I frequently end up eliminating the wrong one.

In addition, I am almost done memorizing up to vocab list 3. If I want a , should I stop there or continue? This is a trap, however. So the problem with D is that it only picks out a small piece of the paragraph literally just two words , while B summarizes the paragraph as a whole. Do a few sentence completion sections and let me know how many right, wrong, and omitted you get out of the total 19 questions. That will tell us how much you should focus on vocab.

However, given your high scores in the other sections, you definitely have the potential to get at least in the section. Since you are a Member of the site, you can send me whatever Reading questions you have, so send me any questions that trip you up by email and we can discuss them thoroughly. I know that its a bad score and I need to work harder. By the way you make great videos. Thank you for taking your time to read this, please email me back at bestkid4ever yahoo. Can I get a perfect score or around in a month? I am going to be doing 2 hours of English every Monday Wednesday and Friday and two hours of math every Tuesday and Thursday each week leading up to the exam.

I will also try to do as much practice tests as possible and study on Saturdays as well. I was hoping if you could give me detailed advice on how to achieve this score or higher, I would highly appreciate it. Please email me: karyncornejo hotmail. Hey there! Being an enthusiast I was waiting for my scores everyday, as I come from Singapore Whole different education system , I got a on the test. Taking 1 after 2 months, I got , this actually hit me hard as I was really studying hard and I actually read more books after I took my 1st test. I got a for math and the rest…. I have roughly 3 months, during the summer to sharpen my english from bad to perfect… I personally can take up to hours of studying a day and you can add hours after a cup of coffee and some rest.

Any kind of schedule and studying guide that I can significantly improve my English? Hey Rob, I am a junior now. When i took my PSAT i recieved a score of I thought i was in the range. But when i took the actual SAT on March 14, i received a score of I have a feeling i am in the same place i started.

I have the next SAT coming up June 6th. Is there any way i can bump my score to a in 2 months? I feel like i am missing something. Still i am in the same place. I need your help. Is there any way for that ? Even by super score?

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Same with English. Please contact me so we can discuss further! When you email me, please let me know how many real SAT practice sections or tests you did between now and then. So please email me! I got a I take so and honors classes. I know I can bring upy scores. I got a for CR a Math and a on writing. What can I do to raise my score to above at least !? I also got an 8 on my essay. I did not study at all, nor did I even open a review book of any sorts because I simply took the SAT for the first time to sort of conquer my huge fear of big tests.

Most school accept applicants on holistic judgement and other factors like GPA and awesome essays, but they also look meticulously at the sat scores. How can I make a point leap and improve in my math enough for me to get into the range? A is a great score considering the circumstances! These are all the chances that i have left with me and i wanna get a perfect score or at least get as near as possible.

Currently, i get Math is usually on the practice tests and writing is s but my main problem is critical reading. Once i seem to start improving, like from making 3 mistakes per passage to 1 mistake per passage, i fall back again to again making mistakes per passage which frustrates me. I m also not concentrating alot or maybe not all on the vocab at the momment. I m practicing the passages from princeton review and the real sat papers. You should use real SATS only for practice, especially for reading passages.

Per section, how many do you usually get wrong in a sentence completions and b passages? Please email me with the answers to this question so I can give you a more targeted response. So commit to studying 1. Each day should be devoted to a different topic: Reading, Math, Writing. Do that consistently and you should see some nice gains. As for specific advice, I have a ton of freely available info on this page and on my Youtube channel — download the Study Guide for , , and , and get studying!

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for everything you are doing here… Your videos are a really huge help! I took the sat back in december for the first time, and scored a writing reading math. I am taking the test again tomorrow and hoping to get above … But in the future I would hope to get around I have been taking practice tests in the sat book, focusing on math, but I feel like the problems are easier in the book than on the sat. Is there anywhere you know where I could take released sats? I feel like I dont know where to start with math because I overcomplicate things.

Im currently in ap calculus, so most of the material was stuff I learned in middle school or 9th grade. Thanks for the kind words! The key is to get used to the types of questions they ask and the quick tactics that can be used to solve almost all of them nearly every question can be solved in 30 seconds or less if you know the right approach. Spend time with each question — especially the hards — and try to generate as many ways to solve the problem as possible.

I also hold periodic livestream sessions — you could attend one of those sessions and bring specific questions you want me to help you with. Hello i took the SAT January 24 and scored a sad score of Download the Study Guide for above and get started studying. Let me know if you have any specific questions. Hi, I gave my SAT in January and got and according to mw that was a very bad score since my diags were arpund to I dont know what wwnt wrong and how to make sure I dont make the miatakes again.

Please tell me what I should do now. So what you need to do is get a REAL SAT, sit down on a Saturday morning, and take the test all 9 sections, including the essay at once under timed conditions. I really need help…! Study a little bit each day 1. Hi Mr.

SAT Writing and Language Test | SAT Suite of Assessments – The College Board

Thanks for all the advice! I can see that it really takes a lot of work to reach those top scores. As I said, I have 4 months left. I took the sat and got an reading, writing 8 essay , and math. One test section of reading one day, one math section the next day, writing section the next day, and 20 minutes of reading direct hit sat vocab the last day.

Essentially I would repeat this set of four until the test, and get about 2 to 2. Should I do more? Is this reasonable for a increase starting at ? I am highly motivated so I am willing to put in as much time as required. Make sure you incorporate time into your study sessions to review every question — even the ones you got right! Your study sessions should range from 1 — 1. Once per month, take a full practice test, both to help you get used to the timing of the test and to give you a measure of your current score. Finally, you might want to integrate some prep books or videos into your study schedule to learn strategies, content, etc.

Obviously, I recommend my own material — feel free to browse the site for a ton of free videos, downloadables, and content. Hi, I scored a , my weakest areas are the CR and Writing sections. What do you recommend doing to increase my CR score. On the writing section however, I do well on the essay but poorly on the grammar portion what do you recommend doing to increase my score?

Both of these resources are available free. However, the best way to improve on the reading aside from learning some vocabulary is to work on your passages. Hello sir, what would you recommend me to use for an acumen in grammar for the writing section? On the last test, I scored a mere on the writing section though my practises have been constant s and I am aiming for a for the section. Without knowing how you did on the grammar vs. You also need to spend some time figuring out what kinds of grammar questions you get wrong — improving sentences, error ID, or improving paragraph.

And how much max can i score if i consider not to learn the vocab at all or maybe attempt a few questions first 1 or 2. Vocab also matters for the passage questions, so learning no vocab at all could really hurt your score, not even counting the questions you might miss otherwise. Then , then , etc. As for a daily schedule, I recommend studying in two 1. I took a pre diagnostic test at a center, and I got a Would you say this is too much to suggest?

Also, what are some ways I can work towards a ? Feel free to contact me directly at rob reasonprep. This is a service I offer to my Members. I took a practice SAT today and my score was a Do you have any tips? Any tips to drastically improve my reading score in a week, and my other scores a little higher? Also, you might benefit from this video about studying for the SAT at the last minute:.

I would like to increase my Reading score from to , Math: , and Writing: Can you suggest any tips, or things that I should focus on to bring up my score? Please help me, I really want to do well. Contact me by email please. I took the SAT last March during my sophomore year and received a I overcomplicate the questions.. How should I go about increasing my math score to at least a ?

With your math background, you should be able to do well on even the hardest math question. Make sure you fully understand each question and work through as many ways to solve them as possible. And yes I specifically need help with my writing. I get in math… in critical and the max I have ever got in writing is a ….

6 Ways to Boost Your SAT Reading Score

I am pretty good at the essay but the other parts worry me. You are welcome — focus on the hard questions in the writing in particular. I am keep fluctuating between …. Do you think it is possible for me to get a on my actual test? So you only need to bump your accuracy up to get that score. If you have any specific questions on how you can improve those areas, let me know!

Grammar: learn most important grammar rules check out my SAT Grammar Bootcamp series of videos, also free. I am a junior planning to take the SAT for the first time in March. I recently took 2 Collegeboard practice tests. I scored a and However, I am also scared because my friend told me she did the entire blue Collegeboard book and was scoring in the low s but when she took the SAT twice, she got a ish and an Also, a lot of people have told me that March is a bad time to take the SAT because of the bad curve.

Is this true? How will it impact my score? The curve affects everyone the same. Just take it step by step and focus on improving on your weaknesses. I always have problem with my critical reading section and weak in memorizing all those SAT vocab. Is there any ways to memorize more efficiently and what practice should I do more as I need to increase about points to get the scholarship? Vocabulary plays only a small part in the reading score; the bulk of the points are in the passages.

How well do you do on passages i. Feel free to e-mail me directly at rob reasonprep. I got a 76 1 careless error in math, and a 56 in reading, and a 48 in writing. Critical reading tends to be the hardest as the passages and everything seem very hard, but I think I am improving. Any advice would be appreciated. Well first, the SAT will be changing in the Spring of next year, so if you want to take the current version of the SAT, you need to do so by December !

As for reading, the only way to get better is to do practice passages consistently. Hey, I took the SAT in October for the first time and got a on it, but that was after around four months of prep. I got on Reading, 2 wrong on Maths, and in Writing Essay score of Since I want to apply to the UK, this is my last chance since applications start early.

Is there a way to tighten the range so that my range becomes ?

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Also, my Reading scores have significantly improved in all the practice tests. My lowest score was a and my highest was Also, something else I noticed is that I generally understand the Maths questions. I usually get 2 wrong though, so my score drops to like Do you know how I can be ready for these surprise questions? And what resources to use? Please email me back at songsehyun yahoo.

I have a question. There are so many resources like books, online courses, tutoring, etc. I am very week in the critical reading and writing section because english is not my native language. I am very good at math. Should I just rely on books? Should I go for private tutoring? Please email me about this.

Thank you very much! Hi, I am a new student in the US education system, immigrated here from Africa in January and started school in March However, I took it again in November after studying the whole summer using the Princeton Review book and most recently the College Board Study Guide, which I found more effective than anything else.

I am a senior and most college deadlines with Scholarship consideration are December 1. So do you suggest that I take the test a third in January with different techniques to better my score? Please advice and assist in any way you can, Thanks. I am a senior and my highest score is I need some advice on how to get my score up to How can I attain excellent vocabulary? I am looking for ur response. The first thing you need to do is break up your gains in chunks. Your first goal should be to hit consistently. I suggest starting out with the study guide for , , and on this page, and browse my site for articles, videos, etc.

If you have any other specific questions, let me know! My priority is to raise my math score. Hey i Got a in the SAT for the First time, and i was hoping for an , can you email me so i cant talk more to you? My best score on the SAT is a I am currently in my sophmore year and am planning to take my SAT sometime in April or May, this would be my first time, as well as my last as I am aiming to get my target score of this time.

I plan on starting to prep as late as second week of this month which should give me a solid 6 months, is that enough time, or do I need more? The one tip I can give you now is to be consistent: practice a little bit every day rather than cramming intermittently. Hello, I am really worried about taking the SAT for the third time. I feel like my scores cannot be improved at all. Since I was not born in America, my English skill is not that great but my Math skill is great.

My first SAT score was My second SAT score was And my goal for this next SAT test, on December, is an to a Do you think that I will improve if I start practicing just one month before the test? At least a or , maybe? My weakest point is the Critical Reading. Since your score goals are pretty modest, you can definitely accomplish this with some consistent effort. But am really nervous about it. Do you think I can get a sollid grade by studying hard for two months.

As for once I have never seen someone so helpful and someone spending so much time helping others reach their goals, and I think I can reach mine wit your help. Thanks in advance. Study consistently — 1 hr per day, days per week — rather than cramming. I recommend downloading the study guide for , , and and using that to focus your study time! I registered my SAT exam for November 8 not even a month left.

This is my first SAT test although i have given practice test in my institute 3 times in which i have score of an around I know i can improve my Math section and i am expecting my math score above Do you think i can get an score of around If so what should my timetable look like? I suggest approx. Spend the most time on reading, then math, then writing. Also do you think that the Princeton book will help me? I was happy with my score since that was my first time taking the SAT. I had crammed your tutorial videos in weeks ahead of time which was probably the reason for such a high score.

I was demoralized because of this score. I had omitted a lot of questions. Do you think I can reach my goal? I want to thank you for making it free and open to the public. Do you grade essays? I do grade essays, but only for Members of my site. My scores were exactly the same on on 3 parts- I just tool my first SAT practice test, proctored and an actual test previously given.

I scored Again, my scores in all three sections were similar. I have not started studying yet for my junior SAT. If I started studying now, and plan to take this test in March, can I get to my goal? Approximately how much time per day should I be studying. Hey Do you know where I can get hard questions other than in the pactice tests? The Blue Book, the four tests on this site, and the Official Online Course should provide you with plenty of fodder. What can I do to drastically improve my score?

The SAT will be a different test by the time you take it in the Spring of There will be some overlap, but the test will change from its current format. For example, the test will be out of instead of However, you can do a number of long term activities to increase your overall SAT abilities:.

enter How many questions do u think I got wrong in maths and how can I improve. You probably got one wrong in math. Hi, Rob!

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Is it enough or I should just aim for on every section? Grammar: The Meltzer book is good, but make sure you do practice sections so you can learn to apply the rules to real SAT questions. Use real SATs, though! Think of your SAT score as a range of possibility — perhaps that is your average, or slightly below, or slightly above. My daughter is a junior, she had been giving practice test and is kind of stuck at Goal is she took 4 week elite prep class, not sure if there test is difficult.

She did very well once in grammar in practice test and got all correct but now for last 3 practice test she is getting only Please help. She is diligent and hard working. The first official test she will be giving in November. I took the SAT in June and scored a I want to try and push past to around Do you have any suggestions on making fewer mistakes? So that should be your first task: Figure out if there are any patterns in your mistakes, and then determine if there are any ways to correct those mistakes.

Feel free to follow up with me if you find anything specific or have any questions! Hello ,I am a senior. Now I am looking for ways to increase my score at least two hundred points, , I do reading passages, practice for writing and memorize words every day. I read what you wrote about how to score ,, but I still do not know what to do to increase it. I am taking the test in October. Please email me or commend if you could recommend anything specific about my situation? You should try to do a practice reading section every day. Work through the section under timed conditions, check your answers, and review each and every question and answer choice.

Try to categorize the question by error type: subject-verb agreement, fragment, etc. My most recent sat score is an and i really want to be in the range. I have taken the SAT thrice and have not been performing well , , My ideal score would be and above, and what I am lacking of is Critical Reading. I have a month more to my SAT exam, am wondering if you could give some tips on how to improve the reading passages both short and long for Critical Reading.

Email me back th. Then, when you can hit in your practice, go for , and so on. And let me know if you have any more questions! Hello Sir, i have my sat next month, on october Its my first time and I want to score a perfect I have a pretty low high school gpa and hence, left with no choice but to get a perfect score on the SAT. I just wanted to know..

I have done a college level course and some potent basketball certificates of the tournaments i had attended during high school. I am from Ghana. I want to take the SAT again and I have only 3 months to prepare. How can I get this score increase? When you're first reading through the passage, underline sentences or phrases that provide evidence of the author's persuasive techniques. Direct quotes should be used in your essay to reinforce the most important points.

Using the evidence at your disposal, you will prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the author committed the crime of having an opinion. On the morning of the test, you'll inevitably be nervous. There's a lot of stuff you need to bring to the SAT , and you don't want to forget something at the last minute while you're distracted by your nerves. Just put everything in your bag the day before. Don't procrastinate! This is a key tip if you struggle with time pressure on the SAT. If you're having trouble with a question, skip it and move on before you waste too much time. If you still can't figure out the answer, take a guess!

The new SAT has no guessing penalty, so it's always better to guess than to leave a question blank. A good way to save a few minutes of time is to fill in all your answers at the end of the section. Make sure you only use this strategy if you already know you're capable of finishing the section with at least minutes to spare! It would be terrible to answer all the questions in your booklet and not have time to fill in your choices on the answer sheet. While it's tempting to take a rest if you have extra time at the end of an SAT section, you should always double-check your answers first.

If you have lots of extra time, you might even go through and check every single one of your answers. Always double Czech.

Test specific tips for high SAT scores

Above all, keep a cool head on the test. Just keep going. Though there is a lot of pressure to finish each section on time, there's nothing wrong with doing the questions out of order. Look at each section with fresh eyes, and try not to dwell on what you might have gotten wrong earlier in the test. In this article, I've given you 23 of our best tips for success on the SAT. Here's a quick list for review:. With these tips, you should be able to improve your performance on the SAT significantly. You should also pay attention to more in-depth strategies in your studying so that you can improve your content knowledge and feel more confident on the test!

For more strategies, take a look at our guides to getting a perfect SAT score on Reading , Math , Writing and overall. If you're trying to plan out your studying, read our complete plan for SAT studying and our guide to how long you should be studying for the SAT based on your goals. What kinds of study materials do you need to study for the SAT? We break down what the best prep books are and which books to avoid in this expert guide.

Check out our best-in-class online SAT prep classes. We guarantee your money back if you don't improve your SAT score by points or more. Our classes are entirely online, and they're taught by SAT experts. If you liked this article, you'll love our classes. Along with expert-led classes, you'll get personalized homework with thousands of practice problems organized by individual skills so you learn most effectively.

We'll also give you a step-by-step, custom program to follow so you'll never be confused about what to study next. Samantha is a blog content writer for PrepScholar. Her goal is to help students adopt a less stressful view of standardized testing and other academic challenges through her articles.

Samantha is also passionate about art and graduated with honors from Dartmouth College as a Studio Art major in How to Get a Perfect , by a Perfect Scorer. Score on SAT Math. Score on SAT Reading. Score on SAT Writing. What ACT target score should you be aiming for?

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