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One of their key findings was that simply being in a bit of hurry for a non-urgent appointment massively reduced the likelihood of acting as a good Samaritan. People often say that such findings show how amoral people are and that the real reasons why we are or are not good are largely situational.

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Character or virtue has nothing to do with it. What such Jeremiahs ignore is the possibility that knowing more about these hitherto unknown mechanisms might enable us to counter them. This is exactly what happened on the London street.

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I was in a hurry, running slightly late for a meeting. This made me reconsider my actions.

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However, I do offer the occasional gift of food to at least give some recognition of humanity, a signal to recipient that the world has not stopped caring and a check on my own incipient indifference. Fall Guide. Summer Guide. Best of Springfield.

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  4. Advertise in IT. Send a letter to the Editor. Contact the Publisher. Submit a Calendar Item. Top Articles from Second Thoughts. Viewed Emailed. No articles in this section. Tuesday, Jan. We are the East germans. By James Krohe Jr. I am taking a break from regular column-writing, but I might from time to time alert readers to columns of the sort I might have written or wished I could write on topics of moment. I ran across Monday, Dec. Mencken sees the future.

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    For no particular reason, and for every reason in the world, I thought I'd share with you something H. Mencken wrote almost a century that could have been--should have been -- written yesterday. Friday, Dec. The Hay house. I'm working on a column about the life of Springfield attorney and public citizen Logan Hay. City of the dead. UK prime minister Boris Johnson warned the president that he risked being blamed for a downturn if it happened.

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    Speaking ahead of his meeting on Sunday with the president, Johnson warned Trump that his trade war was "not the way to proceed," and risked pushing the global economy into a downturn. Johnson said other countries, including the UK are "at risk of being implicated in this. This is not the way to proceed.

    He called on the president to change tack and go for an "opening up of global trade," instead.

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