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She encourages the reader to gain full clarity on your values. The challenge was to pin down your top 5 values, select one and live it intentionally for 5 weeks. I did that! Over a period of five weeks I have been very intentional in my thoughts, actions, and behavior and made sure I showed as much courage as I possibly could, for me and others.

That is a vocabulary that I have never been exposed to and am sure I made over mistakes at least during the conversation. The effort paid off instantly! By showing courage and exposing myself to making all these mistakes; grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and more, and just keep going was a very humbling and liberating feeling.

More courage! On top of that, the person I was talking to, appreciated my efforts and volunteered to put me in contact with the best person to help with the tree. Yes, I sounded very funny probably. Yes, I made more mistakes than you can count. But afterwards, I felt really proud. Fulfilling and empowering. Connecting on common ground.

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As one of the activities of courage, I committed to having at least one Luxembourgish conversation per day for the five weeks, and will continue with this long term. Knowing what happens when you take one step forward, with courage, I am so excited I just decided to start a new five weeks of thinking, acting and living with the next core value I have: FAMILY.

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Please consult the documentation for your bibliography software for instructions on how to import the data file. These data files provide bibliographic support for a very wide range of reference management software. Scarre, Geoffrey. Against the unity of the virtues. In On Courage pp— Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge. On Courage. But the reverse is also true.

The very act of gathering more and more information about a particular subject causes us to have more courage and confidence in that area. There are parts of your life where you have no fear at all because you feel knowledgeable and completely capable of handling whatever happens.

Primal Spirituality: Enlightened Thinking & Courage

Another factor that causes fears is illness or fatigue. When we are tired or unwell, or when we are not physically fit, we are more predisposed to fear and doubt than when we are feeling healthy and happy and terrific about ourselves. At the top of a clean sheet of paper, write the question, What am I afraid of?

Now, before you begin, I need to make an important point: All intelligent people are afraid of something.

It is normal and natural to be concerned about your physical, emotional and financial survival. The courageous person is not a person who is unafraid. It is not whether or not you are afraid. We are all afraid. The question is, how do you deal with the fear? The courageous person is simply one who goes forward in spite of the fear.

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However, when you avoid the thing you fear, your fears grow until they begin to control every aspect of your life. And as your fears increase, your self-esteem, your self-confidence and your self-respect diminish accordingly. Begin filling out your list of fears by writing down everything, major and minor, over which you experience any anxiety. The most common fears, of course, are the fear of failure and the fear of rejection. Some people, compelled by the fear of failure, invest an enormous amount of energy justifying or covering up their mistakes.

And some people, compelled by the fear of rejection, are so obsessed with how they appear to others that they seem to have no ability to take independent action at all. Until they are absolutely certain that someone else will approve, they refrain from doing anything. Once you have made a list of every fear that you think may be affecting your thinking and your behavior, organize the items in order of importance.

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Which fear do you feel has the greatest impact on your thinking, or holds you back more than any other? Which fear would be number two? What would be your third fear? And so on. With regard to your predominant fear, write the answers to these three questions:.

How to Act With Courage

How does this fear hold me back in life? How does this fear help me, or how has it helped me in the past? What would be my pay-off for eliminating this fear? Some years ago, I went through this exercise and concluded that my biggest fear was the fear of poverty.

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I was afraid of not having enough money, being broke, perhaps even being destitute. I knew that this fear had originated during my childhood because my parents, who grew up during the Depression, had continually worried about money. My fear was reinforced when I was broke at various times during my 20s. I could objectively assess the origins of this fear, but it still had a strong hold on me.

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Even when I had sufficient money for all my needs, this fear was always there. My answer to the question, How does this fear hold me back?