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I am so afraid every time I do a performance that it is not going to go well. And the lyrics are about walking back up on stage again, getting lit up and standing on the white X again. To choose not to listen to it and just go and perform. One of the things which has helped Leah endure the rollercoaster life in the music industry is her strong faith. They are a church that very much encourages artists within the entertainment industry.

Leah's Voice

They have a thing called The Academy and it's about younger artists, teaching them that their identity is in their character, who they love and who loves them, rather than the success of what they do. I think those are really important lessons. There are a lot of creative people in the church. Because I am independent I don't have a budget for them, but I have just found myself surrounded by really creative people, particularly in churches.

And they asked me to come and sing and speak for them at their conference at the O2 Arena two years ago, in front of 20, people. You are never called to be stuck in a stagnant place. I think He has given us gifts and skill sets and He just delights in us using them. That is where I take it from.

At the minute it's really about taking every opportunity that is given to me.

Leah’s Voice by Lori DeMonia

The singer got married last year to her "gorgeous Northern Irish husband" Nathan Catterson, who works in the care industry. They now live in east Belfast and commute to London for work. Leah says that before she met her husband, she was "terrified" of marriage but now finds it something "beautiful and something to be treasured", sentiments reflected in her new single, Marriage. I was away from Northern Ireland since I was 20 years old and I am glad to be home. It's good fun, it's a different season. I don't know if I'll stay here forever. My husband Nathan has been travelling loads also.

I lived in LA for a year. So who knows if we'll stay? When I put on my own independent tour last year he tour managed it and had to put on many hats. It was brilliant. We ended up selling out five cities.

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I know I was absolutely terrified of marriage before I met my husband because you just hear of so many break-ups and unfaithfulness. I love it. It tackles mental health, embracing who you are. Basically, at times, your biggest bully is your own mind and the song is about telling yourself that you are lovely and not to let those voices be loud. There is nothing that anyone can say to you that you haven't told yourself.

I say to my friends that their biggest bully is in their mind and tell them to talk to me about whatever is bothering them, so that I can stick up for them.

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