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Also, James averages 0. Besides being bigger and stronger and spending a lot of time playing the four, LeBron has always been a way more committed rebounder than Kobe, constantly boxing out bigger guys in order to get his hands on a board. Over the course of his career, James has averaged 7. When it comes to handles, both are pretty close, to be honest.

Kobe was a crafty dribbler that could break dribbles in the blink of an eye, going over the back, between the legs and then turning around to hit a fadeaway. Even so, and once again, we have to give this one to LeBron because of the fact that him being a forward, it makes it way more impressive.

Kevin Durant injury: Warriors star suffers right calf sprain in worrying scenes

James can and has run the point with ease, and has guard-like handles, so he wins. Actually, LeBron James is one of the clutchest players ever, especially lately, but the Mamba Mentality is something we can never forget. Also, Kobe was incredibly accurate in the clutch, and he actually led his team to way more Championships and playoff wins. James is great in elimination games, but Kobe was always a cold-blooded reptile when the game was on the line. Even though Kobe Bryant led his team to 5 Championships, LeBron has always managed to find a way to take his teams to the Finals.

Kobe Bryant vs. Kevin Durant Comparison

On the other hand, Kobe was a basketball mastermind. Still pretty close, tough. No question about this. Only one player has a bigger impact than Kobe Bryant, and that is Michael Jordan. Kobe inspired generations, many young players and fans around the world. He shows us that hard work is what makes champions and if you want to become better you have to work more, you have to work harder and you have to invest your time, energy and passion to become better than you are right now. Bryant had a never-ending bag of tricks and could light it up from all three levels.

NBA - Why Kevin Durant is better than Kobe Bryant

He had a lot of juice in his layups, could create off the dribble, take it all the way to the rim or connect those difficult turnaround fadeaway shots. The fact that Bryant won 5 Championships in 7 trips to the Finals will always give him an upper hand over LeBron. This one goes to LeBron without any kind of doubt. When it came to 1-on-1 scoring, there was no stopping Kobe. If you scored over him, you know you were going to pay the price and get torched at the other end. Kobe is a more versatile scorer and had an incredibly accurate shot and ankle-breaking change of pace and dribbling skills, although LeBron is also great himself in this regard.

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5 Questions Heading Into 12222 Lakers Training Camp And Preseason

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