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The story continues predictably but enjoyably as Violet and Martin try to keep away from each other but fail miserably as the bewildering attraction between them only gets stronger and stronger. Both Martin and Violet gradually begin to realise what they had believed was dislike was really anything but, and as they spend time together and start getting to know each other properly, what started out as an intense, physical impulse evolves into a real relationship. Martin turns out not to be Mr. Stuffed-Shirt at all, of course. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Thanks for the great review! I loved this book. Hot Island Nights is my favorite Mayberry book and my favorite Blaze, and it was such fun to me to get the companion story here. LOVED the sex scenes for exactly the spoilery reason you mention, and because hot. I seriously love Sarah Mayberry.

Others may disagree with me. Oh my gosh! How have I not heard about this book before now? This sounds like just my kind of storyline, and I adore Sarah Mayberry. Buying this one right now! This book is just another reminder of why Sarah Mayberry is an auto buy author for me. She is consistently fantastic!


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Referring to your spoiler-y part, I do recall reading a romance that involved a movie producer and a special effects guy and he did the same thing but then made every effort to finish the effect properly. So to speak. I am never disappointed where Sarah Mayberry is concerned, she always delivers! I totally loved this book, too. I adore reading about complicated women, and I love reading about uptight men who learn to chill a little, so having both in one story was like crack for me.

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How about concurrent stories? Like concurrent sentences, but without the weighlifting and bad tattoos. It breaks the girl code. I read about this on Dear Author and really liked the sound of it, and your review added to that makes me want to buy it right now. It obviously works convincingly enough here! Some of it was explainable — the same conversations repeated in the first two chapters, which I ended up skimming over. But some of it felt like re-hashing the ideas.

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While not exact repetition, a few things like that really stood out when I read the books back to back. They still have been very good reads, but I think I would have been less distracted by such details if I red them several months apart. I remember really liking it, but not the part you mention. I thought they were better for having read them close together.

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I bought this yesterday and read it right away. I did a re-read of Hot Island Nights a couple weeks ago and this is a nice companion story. Thank you for letting me know about that! Frustrating much? Diana, I am totally sharing your frustration. Not sure what the hold up is. Taking a few coffee breaks on the way. But in the meantime, thank you for your interest! I read something title escapes me recently in which the hero who moments before was suffering long term Plot Device Impotence gets a massive hard on for the heroine after sighting her pink underwear.

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She tells him this also. Martin thinks that Violet is too loud, too flirtatious, too flashy in her dress and overall just far too much in general. For both of them, this is quite a surprise — they are both a bit…disappointed. After all, she was the one thing that was special to both of them, so she finds herself suddenly sympathetic to him. Before long, Martin and Violet are seeing each other every day. It started off as a crazy, wrong one night stand but neither of them could forget it and the next time they saw each other, at the home of mutual friends, both of them almost buckled under the weight of the sexual tension.

Martin has worked himself up from a very poor background into privileged society, graduating with a law degree and gaining a job at a well reputed firm. Violet on the other hand, was born into privilege but now shuns it for reasons of her own. Even though nothing happened until after Martin arrived back from Australia, trying to get Elizabeth to come home, Violet is still wracked with guilt.

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I loved Violet and I loved Martin. I thought they were so perfect together and I really enjoyed their transition from disliking each other to finding themselves within the perfect relationship. Violet is fun and full of sass and confidence and Martin, whilst conservative and ambitious, and yes, a fraction uptight, is still wonderfully complex. It was funny and kind of heart-warming to see them learn important things about the other that help redefine their opinions and preconceptions of each other. Interesting that Sarah Mayberry chose to self publish this one — she has plenty of novels under her belt, close to 30 I think, published in various Harlequin lines.

I can highly recommend this one as a fun, spicy read with really well thought out and written characters. Posted in Uncategorized. Yeah I found it quite interesting too! I am so glad that you ended up enjoying both of these books.

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