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A detailed policy statement is available that describes the procedures used for unpublished proprietary data so that this information can be used in the evaluation without compromising its confidential nature WHO Revised Guidelines for the Preparation of Environmental Health Criteria Monographs. In the evaluation of human health risks, sound human data, whenever available, are preferred to animal data.

Animal and in vitro studies provide support and are used mainly to supply evidence missing from human studies. It is mandatory that research on human subjects is conducted in full accord with ethical principles, including the provisions of the Helsinki Declaration. The EHC monographs are intended to assist national and international authorities in making risk assessments and subsequent risk management decisions.

They represent a thorough evaluation of risks and are not, in any sense, recommendations for regulation or standard setting. These latter are the exclusive purview of national and regional governments. Since the inception of the EHC Programme, the IPCS has organized meetings of scientists to establish lists of priority chemicals for subsequent evaluation. If an EHC monograph is proposed for a chemical not on the priority list, the IPCS Secretariat consults with the Cooperating Organizations and all the Participating Institutions before embarking on the preparation of the monograph.

The order of procedures that result in the publication of an EHC monograph is shown in the flow chart on p. The first draft, prepared by consultants or, more usually, staff from an IPCS Participating Institution, is based initially on data provided from the International Register of Potentially Toxic Chemicals, and reference data bases such as Medline and Toxline.

The draft document, when received by the RO, may require an initial review by a small panel of experts to determine its scientific quality and objectivity. Once the RO finds the document acceptable as a first draft, it is distributed, in its unedited form, to well over EHC contact points throughout the world who are asked to comment on its completeness and accuracy and, where necessary, provide additional material.

The contact points, usually designated by governments, may be Participating Institutions, IPCS Focal Points, or individual scientists known for their particular expertise. Generally some four months are allowed before the comments are considered by the RO and author s. A second draft incorporating comments received and approved by the Director, IPCS, is then distributed to Task Group members, who carry out the peer review, at least six weeks before their meeting. The Task Group members serve as individual scientists, not as representatives of any organization, government or industry.

Their function is to evaluate the accuracy, significance and relevance of the information in the document and to assess the health and environmental risks from exposure to the chemical. A summary and recommendations for further research and improved safety aspects are also required. The composition of the Task Group is dictated by the range of expertise required for the subject of the meeting and by the need for a balanced geographical distribution.

The three cooperating organizations of the IPCS recognize the important role played by nongovernmental organizations. Representatives from relevant national and international associations may be invited to join the Task Group as observers. Although observers may provide a valuable contribution to the process, they can only speak at the invitation of the Chairperson. Observers do not participate in the final evaluation of the chemical; this is the sole responsibility of the Task Group members. When the Task Group considers it to be appropriate, it may meet in camera. All individuals who as authors, consultants or advisers participate in the preparation of the EHC monograph must, in addition to serving in their personal capacity as scientists, inform the RO if at any time a conflict of interest, whether actual or potential, could be perceived in their work.

They are required to sign a conflict of interest statement. Such a procedure ensures the transparency and probity of the process. When the Task Group has completed its review and the RO is satisfied as to the scientific correctness and completeness of the document, it then goes for language editing, reference checking and preparation of camera-ready copy. At this time a copy of the final draft is sent to the Chairperson and Rapporteur of the Task Group to check for any errors.

It is accepted that the following criteria should initiate the updating of an EHC monograph: new data are available that would substantially change the evaluation; there is public concern for health or environmental effects of the agent because of greater exposure; an appreciable time period has elapsed since the last evaluation.

All Participating Institutions are informed, through the EHC progress report, of the authors and institutions proposed for the drafting of the documents. A comprehensive file of all comments received on drafts of each EHC monograph is maintained and is available on request. The Chairpersons of Task Groups are briefed before each meeting on their role and responsibility in ensuring that these rules are followed.

Professor J. Professor M. The group reviewed the draft and the peer review comments, revised the draft and made an evaluation of the risks for human health and environment from exposure to arsenic and arsenic compounds. This section was then sent for review to a selected group of experts. The document was revised on the basis of the peer review comments received, these revisions were verified, and the document was finalized by a Review Board, consisting of Drs D. Anderson, H. Gibb, L. Sim and A. The document was finally approved by the Task Group in a mail ballot. The cut-off date for the literature searches for the document was the Task Group meeting, i.

November , with the exception of the section on effects on human health, for which the last literature searches were performed in November Comments on the revised section on effects on human health were received from members of the Task Group, and from:. Aitio of the IPCS central unit was responsible for the scientific aspects of the monograph, and Kathleen Lyle for the technical editing. The efforts of all, especially Queensland Health and the Natinal Research Centre for Environmental Toxicology, Australia, who helped in the preparation and finalization of the monograph are gratefully acknowledged.

In this document it is called BFD-endemic area, to differentiate it from other areas e. It occurs in trace quantities in all rock, soil, water and air. Under reducing conditions, arsenite As III is the dominant form; arsenate As V is generally the stable form in oxygenated environments.

Elemental arsenic is not soluble in water. Arsenic salts exhibit a wide range of solubilities depending on pH and the ionic environment. There is a variety of instrumental techniques for the determination of arsenic. Some of these e. ICP-MS can serve as element-specific detectors when coupled to chromatographic separation techniques e. These so-called "hyphenated" methods are used for determining individual arsenic species. Additional sensitivity for a limited range of arsenic compounds can often be achieved by the use of hydride generation techniques.

It has been estimated that about one-third of the atmospheric flux of arsenic is of natural origin. Volcanic action is the most important natural source of arsenic, followed by low-temperature volatilization.

Inorganic arsenic of geological origin is found in groundwater used as drinking-water in several parts of the world, for example Bangladesh. Organic arsenic compounds such as arsenobetaine, arsenocholine, tetramethylarsonium salts, arsenosugars and arsenic-containing lipids are mainly found in marine organisms although some of these compounds have also been found in terrestrial species. Elemental arsenic is produced by reduction of arsenic trioxide As 2 O 3 with charcoal. As 2 O 3 is produced as a by-product of metal smelting operations.

Mining, smelting of non-ferrous metals and burning of fossil fuels are the major industrial processes that contribute to anthropogenic arsenic contamination of air, water and soil. Historically, use of arsenic-containing pesticides has left large tracts of agricultural land contaminated. The use of arsenic in the preservation of timber has also led to contamination of the environment. Arsenic is emitted into the atmosphere by high-temperature processes such as coal-fired power generation plants, burning vegetation and volcanism. Natural low-temperature biomethylation and reduction to arsines also releases arsenic into the atmosphere.

Arsenic is released into the atmosphere primarily as As 2 O 3 and exists mainly adsorbed on particulate matter. These particles are dispersed by the wind and are returned to the earth by wet or dry deposition. Arsines released from microbial sources in soils or sediments undergo oxidation in the air, reconverting the arsenic to non-volatile forms, which settle back to the ground. Dissolved forms of arsenic in the water column include arsenate, arsenite, methylarsonic acid MMA and dimethylarsinic acid DMA. In well-oxygenated water and sediments, nearly all arsenic is present in the thermodynamically more stable pentavalent state arsenate.

Some arsenite and arsenate species can interchange oxidation state depending on redox potential Eh , pH and biological processes. Some arsenic species have an affinity for clay mineral surfaces and organic matter and this can affect their environmental behaviour. There is potential for arsenic release when there is fluctuation in Eh, pH, soluble arsenic concentration and sediment organic content.

Weathered rock and soil may be transported by wind or water erosion. Many arsenic compounds tend to adsorb to soils, and leaching usually results in transportation over only short distances in soil. Three major modes of arsenic biotransformation have been found to occur in the environment: redox transformation between arsenite and arsenate, the reduction and methylation of arsenic, and the biosynthesis of organoarsenic compounds.

There is biogeochemical cycling of compounds formed from these processes. Mean total arsenic concentrations in air from remote and rural areas range from 0. Naturally elevated levels of arsenic in soils may be associated with geological substrata such as sulfide ores. Anthropogenically contaminated soils can have concentrations of arsenic up to several grams per ml.

Bioaccumulation of organic arsenic compounds, after their biogenesis from inorganic forms, occurs in aquatic organisms. Bioconcentration factors BCFs in freshwater invertebrates and fish for arsenic compounds are lower than for marine organisms. Biomagnification in aquatic food chains has not been observed. Terrestrial plants may accumulate arsenic by root uptake from the soil or by adsorption of airborne arsenic deposited on the leaves.

Arsenic levels are higher in biota collected near anthropogenic sources or in areas with geothermal activity. Non-occupational human exposure to arsenic in the environment is primarily through the ingestion of food and water. Of these, food is generally the principal contributor to the daily intake of total arsenic. In some areas arsenic in drinking-water is a significant source of exposure to inorganic arsenic. In these cases, arsenic in drinking-water often constitutes the principal contributor to the daily arsenic intake.

Contaminated soils such as mine tailings are also a potential source of arsenic exposure. Foodstuffs such as meat, poultry, dairy products and cereals have higher levels of inorganic arsenic. The concentration of metabolites of inorganic arsenic in urine inorganic arsenic, MMA and DMA reflects the absorbed dose of inorganic arsenic on an individual level. However, in some places workroom atmospheric arsenic concentrations as high as several milligrams per cubic metre have been reported.

Absorption of arsenic in inhaled airborne particles is highly dependent on the solubility and the size of particles. Both pentavalent and trivalent soluble arsenic compounds are rapidly and extensively absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. In many species arsenic metabolism is characterized by two main types of reactions: 1 reduction reactions of pentavalent to trivalent arsenic, and 2 oxidative methylation reactions in which trivalent forms of arsenic are sequentially methylated to form mono-, di- and trimethylated products using S -adenosyl methionine SAM as the methyl donor and glutathione GSH as an essential co-factor.

Methylation of inorganic arsenic facilitates the excretion of inorganic arsenic from the body, as the end-products MMA and DMA are readily excreted in urine. There are major qualitative and quantitative interspecies differences in methylation, to the extent that some species exhibit minimal or no arsenic methylation e. However, in humans and most common laboratory animals, inorganic arsenic is extensively methylated and the metabolites are excreted primarily in the urine.

Factors such as dose, age, gender and smoking contribute only minimally to the large inter-individual variation in arsenic methylation observed in humans. However, lower methylation efficiency in children has been observed in only one study out of three. Studies in humans suggest the existence of a wide difference in the activity of methyltransferases, and the existence of polymorphism has been hypothesized. Animal and human studies suggest that arsenic methylation may be inhibited at high acute exposures.

The metabolism and disposition of inorganic arsenic may be influenced by its valence state, particularly at high dose levels. Studies in laboratory animals indicate that administration of trivalent inorganic arsenic such as As 2 O 3 and arsenite initially results in higher levels in most tissues than does the administration of pentavalent arsenic. However, the trivalent form is more extensively methylated, leading to similar long-term excretion. Ingested organoarsenicals such as MMA, DMA and arsenobetaine are much less extensively metabolized and more rapidly eliminated in urine than inorganic arsenic in both laboratory animals and humans.

Levels of arsenic or its metabolites in blood, hair, nails and urine are used as biomarkers of arsenic exposure. Blood arsenic is a useful biomarker only in the case of acute arsenic poisoning or stable chronic high-level exposure. Arsenic is rapidly cleared from blood, and speciation of its chemical forms in blood is difficult.

Arsenic in hair and nails can be indicators of past arsenic exposure, provided care is taken to prevent external arsenic contamination of the samples. Arsenic in hair may also be used to estimate relative length of time since an acute exposure. However, consumption of certain seafood, mainly seaweed and some bivalves, may confound estimation of inorganic arsenic exposure because of metabolism of arsenosugars to DMA in the body or the presence of DMA in the seafood.

Such food should be avoided for 2—3 days before urine sampling for monitoring of exposure to inorganic arsenic. Both inorganic and organic forms of arsenic may cause adverse effects in laboratory animals. The effects induced by arsenic range from acute lethality to chronic effects such as cancer. The degree of toxicity of arsenic is basically dependent on the form e. It is generally considered that inorganic arsenicals are more toxic than organic arsenicals, and within these two classes, the trivalent forms are more toxic than the pentavalent forms, at least at high doses.

Several different organ systems are affected by arsenic, including skin, respiratory, cardiovascular, immune, genitourinary, reproductive, gastrointestinal and nervous systems. Several animal carcinogenicity studies on arsenic have been carried out, but limitations such as high dose levels, limited time of exposure and limited number of animals make these inconclusive. However, a recently reported animal model may be a useful tool for future carcinogenicity studies.

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Inorganic arsenic does not induce point mutations. However, arsenic can produce chromosomal aberrations in vitro , affect methylation and repair of DNA, induce cell proliferation, transform cells and promote tumours. One study has indicated that DMA may cause cancer of the urinary bladder in male rats at high doses. Soluble inorganic arsenic is acutely toxic, and ingestion of large doses leads to gastrointestinal symptoms, disturbances of cardiovascular and nervous system functions, and eventually death.

In survivors, bone marrow depression, haemolysis, hepatomegaly, melanosis, polyneuropathy and encephalopathy may be observed. Long-term exposure to arsenic in drinking-water is causally related to increased risks of cancer in the skin, lungs, bladder and kidney, as well as other skin changes such as hyperkeratosis and pigmentation changes. These effects have been demonstrated in many studies using different study designs.

Exposure—response relationships and high risks have been observed for each of these end-points. The effects have been most thoroughly studied in Taiwan but there is considerable evidence from studies on populations in other countries as well. Occupational exposure to arsenic, primarily by inhalation, is causally associated with lung cancer.

Exposure—response relationships and high risks have been observed. Tobacco smoking has been investigated in two of the three main smelter cohorts and was not found to be the cause of the increased lung cancer risk attributed to arsenic; however, it was found to be interactive with arsenic in increasing the lung cancer risk.

Even with some negative findings, the overall weight of evidence indicates that arsenic can cause clastogenic damage in different cell types with different end-points in exposed individuals and in cancer patients. For point mutations, the results are largely negative. Chronic arsenic exposure in Taiwan has been shown to cause blackfoot disease BFD , a severe form of peripheral vascular disease PVD which leads to gangrenous changes. This disease has not been documented in other parts of the world, and the findings in Taiwan may depend upon other contributing factors. However, there is good evidence from studies in several countries that arsenic exposure causes other forms of PVD.

Conclusions on the causality of the relationship between arsenic exposure and other health effects are less clear-cut. The evidence is strongest for hypertension and cardiovascular disease, suggestive for diabetes and reproductive effects and weak for cerebrovascular disease, long-term neurological effects, and cancer at sites other than lung, bladder, kidney and skin. Aquatic and terrestrial biota show a wide range of sensitivities to different arsenic species. Their sensitivity is modified by biological and abiotic factors.

In general, inorganic arsenicals are more toxic than organoarsenicals and arsenite is more toxic than arsenate. The mode of toxicity and mechanism of uptake of arsenate by organisms differ considerably. This may explain why there are interspecies differences in organism response to arsenate and arsenite. The primary mechanism of arsenite toxicity is considered to result from its binding to protein sulfhydryl groups.

Arsenate is known to affect oxidative phosphorylation by competition with phosphate. In environments where phosphate concentrations are high, arsenate toxicity to biota is generally reduced.

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As arsenate is a phosphate analogue, organisms living in elevated arsenate environments must acquire the nutrient phosphorous yet avoid arsenic toxicity. Arsenic compounds cause acute and chronic effects in individuals, populations and communities at concentrations ranging from a few micrograms to milligrams per litre, depending on species, time of exposure and end-points measured.

These effects include lethality, inhibition of growth, photosynthesis and reproduction, and behavioural effects. Arsenic-contaminated environments are characterized by limited species abundance and diversity. If levels of arsenate are high enough, only species which exhibit resistance may be present.

Elemental arsenic As is a member of Group 15 of the periodic table, with nitrogen, phosphorus, antimony and bismuth. It has an atomic number of 33 and an atomic mass of In strongly reducing environments, elemental arsenic and arsine —3 can exist. Arsenic and its compounds occur in crystalline, powder, amorphous or vitreous forms. They usually occur in trace quantities in all rock, soil, water and air. However, concentrations may be higher in certain areas as a result of weathering and anthropogenic activities including metal mining and smelting, fossil fuel combustion and pesticide use.

Arsenical salts exhibit a range of aqueous solubilities depending on the pH and the ionic environment.

There are many arsenic compounds of environmental importance. Representative marine arsenic-containing compounds, of which some are found in terrestrial systems, are shown in Table 1; their molecular structures are shown Fig. Other arsenic compounds discussed in the text are listed in Table 2. We may think emotions rule our sex lives, but our hormones largely determine our physical attractions, drives, and behaviors. By understanding these hidden hormonal agendas, we can influence them in For more than a quarter of a century, Murphy's Law has provided the last word on things going wrong.

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When author Christine Hassler In one of the first attempts to bring an integral dimension to sociology, Ken Wilber introduces a system of reliable methods by which to make testable judgments of the authenticity of any religious movement. A Sociable God is a concise work based on Wilber Whether viewed as villain or victim, outcast or rebel, the High School Slut remains a figure of fascination--and more than a touch of fear. Full of quirky insights into sexual standards and practices, "Fast Girls" is a journey into the dark side of the Michele Weiner-Davis offers an empowering and encouraging guide for revitalizing marriage and building stronger, more loving bonds.

Michele Weiner-Davis goes beyond her marriage-saving bestseller, Divorce Busting, with this empowering and encouraging guide This filename was submitted by an external advertiser. As an access provider we do not assume responsibility for the availability of this file in the Usenet. Open Web Book Archive.

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