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If you must build, I urge you to at least consider making it a multi-purpose facility. That is much better stewardship of resources. At Saddleback, as soon as our weekend services are over, the seating arrangement in our worship center is taken down and the building is used in a variety of ways every day of the week. This releases an enormous amount of space for programs and money for missions. But at what cost?

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Can anyone seriously give a New Testament justification for billions of dollars spent on debt for sanctuaries that are used for only a couple hours a week — especially when so many around the world have yet to hear the Good News? I encourage you to experiment and look for ways to reach and grow people faster and cheaper, without buildings.

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Protecting the Pastor’s Ministry in a Church Building Program

We continue the Sunday blog series on church building programs with another outstanding organization. You can contact the design build firm at ChurchDesign. In this post, Tim asks on behalf of pastors two of the more common concerns of pastors considering a church building program. Can a pastor continue to serve effectively while in a building project?

God is still building, and we’re here to help.

Keep your priorities of Christ, your family, your church ministry, and then the building program. Before entering a building program, make the commitment during the entire process. Educate the members on these priorities. Explain to them that you are not a banker, architect, builder, or any other necessary role that is required to pull off a successful building project. There will be times you will need to be involved in every one of those roles, but it must always be temporary, and only to empower or encourage other leaders God has brought forward.

see url The truth is that you will be the hardest one to sell on this idea. However, that is not what God called you to do. It is better to ask forgiveness for speaking too early than to do the wrong thing in defense of your premature comment.

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Come clean, own it, retract it, and then let the congregation know why you have reconsidered. Visioneering Studios stands ready to help you make timely decisions and wise choices based on the particulars of your situation. Many church build programs just never consider that the church is a place where words are spoken and are supposed to be understood by the congregation, where songs are sung and supposed to produce an uplifting of the spirit to the very throne-room of God when heard and repeated by the congregation, and where people need to see and understand what is going on at the front end of the room.

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  7. When these most basic aspects are not considered in the church build program, not put in first place where they belong, then the project is pretty much doomed to be second-rate. But in reality, all of that is secondary. That is not the purpose of the church.

    The Great Commission implies speaking the word of God, but also that the listeners can actually hear and understand what was spoken. The Great Commission implies teaching, showing, sharing, the Gospel,reaching out to the unsaved, but in such a way that they can hear, see, understand and take the message to heart.