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In my mouth, on my chin even got some on my eye. He said sorry. He smiled. I grabbed his hand and dragged him up stairs. Half way up he cheekily slapped my behind to which I replied with girlish laugh. We lay on the bed.

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This time I mounted him. His dick entered my ass without any fuss. I again began rocking. I was loving it.


We got so carried away we started to shout. At this point john reached the point of no return. I just kept fucking him until his dick went limp and his dick pulled out. His cum slowly dripped from my ass on to his limp dick. I felt like such a dirty bitch. The next morning I woke up with John naked beside me. I felt nervous. What if he regrets it and gets angry?

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    She decided to clear out one of my dresser drawers. Guess which drawer she cleared out? Yes, the one where I just hid the swimsuit and bra. When Mom noticed that swimsuit and that bra in my drawer, she immediately questioned why they were in there.

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    I played ignorant "I don't know. Was there a mix up? But less than a minute later, she put two and two together and called me into my sister's room. I feared if I told her the truth and said I had been doing this since I was 11, she would really, really be mad and give me a severe punishment. What Mom said next and the quiet, firm emphasis in her voice actually kind of surprised me then and still today , in that she never took it past this warning: "Well," she told me, "this had better come to a goddam screeching halt! I better not catch you doing this again!

    You are a full grown MAN! You are not a girl! With that, I sulked back into my room and started on my little bit of homework for the evening.

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    Later that evening, Mom did ask me in passing and out of earshot of anyone else at home a few other questions about what she discovered, such as if I ever revealed my dressing up to others at school. I presumed she was concerned my well being when she asked that particular question, thinking of possible taunts and teasing that could have occurred had I told anyone at school and I struggled a lot in school back then. Mom never brought up her discovery again after that night.