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Carlsen-Nakamura , Medias Spectator 25 June Times January 11 Sunday Times 17 March Corden-Williams , Varsity Match Spectator 8 May Times 5 March and 4 March Gelfand-Beliavsky , Linares Spectator 10 March and 22 December Spectator 31 October Times 23 July Hartston-Westerinen , Alicante Spectator 11 December and 14 April The column was repeated: the notes were plagiarised in both cases.

Howell-Gordon , Torquay Times 1 August and 29 September Spectator 15 August and 22 August Howell-Pert , Sheffield Times 2 August and 5 August Ivanchuk-Kramnik , Las Palmas Spectator 4 January and 20 July Ivanchuk-Shirov , Wijk aan Zee Spectator 20 March and 29 September Times 18 December , 27 January and 20 July Jones-Rendle , Sheffield Times 31 July and 4 August Jones-Short , Bunratty Times 18 April , 5 July and 30 July Jones-Turner , North Shields Times 29 July and 15 August Karpov-Miles , Bath Spectator, 21 June and 10 August Times 15 November Kasparov-Ivanchuk , Horgen Spectator 11 November Sunday Times 21 July Spectator, 13 October , 27 October , 3 November , 22 December Jan to Aug Di Felice G.

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An Annotated International Bibliography, McFarland, US A comprehensive reference work containing entries and many cross-references. Information for each entry includes year and country of publication, frequency, publisher, editors, subject, language, alternate titles, holdings in chess libraries. Includes general index of periodical titles and index by country. Moravian Chess facsimile reprints. Bound in brown cloth, all VG.

Includes games of Cambridge Springs Over pages in this de luxe hardback edition, and first and foundation volume of the series. Some wear to covers otherwise good. X — I BCF Year Book.

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Containing list of officials, constitution, annual report, accounts, BCF tournament crosstables , list of Life Members. The early years are scarce. Combined Year Book. Lower cover loose, spine worn, page margins yellowed.

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Awards in Problem Tourneys Nos. BCF, Nov. Chessman Quarterly. The magazine specializing in opening theory. Fiala V. Volumes Each volume hardback, most with over pp, hundreds of games, sections on chess research, biographies, tournament reports, reviews, correspondence chess etc. Further details of contents can be provided. Please inquire for single volumes or complete set. Shakhmaty za Year Book. Ed: L. Moscow, Original cloth-backed boards, G. Includes tournament results, 61 annotated games, endgames and studies. LN Year Book Ed: L. Original cloth-backed boards, VG.

Shakhmatny Eshegodnik. Year Book Scacchi e Scienze Applicate. Chess and Applied Sciences. An International Review. Venice, Large format magazine.

Interesting British Chess Championship 2015 games Part 2 - Hawkins, Pert, Howell, Gormally focus

Lasker-Tarrasch deserves to be thought about since absolutely nobody would have disputed it at the time, but we trust statistics more nowadays. Capablanca-Alekhine happened far too close to Lasker's tournament successes of the mids, since it wasn't clear that he had retired again at the time.

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And Spassky as mentioned was losing his lustre by Didnt Karpov beat spassky in the candidates? Didnt Fischer beat Spassky wins in ? Karpov could barely handle Korchnoi and Korchnoi was a leftover from a different era. Isn't it possible Korchnoi simply aged better than any other player in history? He was still in the top five back when he was about He won strong events at 70 and He was in the Top in the mid s. Just because virtually every guy pushing 50 falls by the wayside doesn't mean exceptions don't exist. I guess chess in the late 90s was terrible too since there was a girl in the top There's nothing weak about top level chess in any era by definition.

It's top level. But none the less, the top level chess of the late 70s allowed an aging chess player to score well.

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Even Tal had a resurgence during this period. He suddenly rose up to be 3 in the world again. Regarding Fischer, I think if he had played for another year after winning his championship and had enjoyed the same kind of results he had in , his rating would be been That would put him in the middle of the pack of the top ten today in He achieved that rating before all of the rating inflation which makes it even more incredible.

Perhaps if he had been playing in the inflated ratings era, his ELO would have been near Karpov thinks that he and Fischer were stronger than Carlsen. He also thinks that ratings are way overinflated. His opening repertoire could be more varied and he could also work more, but nevertheless, he has a wonderful memory and his own take on the opening and other issues. In my day I became World Champion when the best chess players had ratings at about , Rating inflation has taken place?

Inflation is obvious, yes. I think Karpov deliberately underestimated Fischer's rating when he said he peaked at I think Fischer's top rating was , as is indicated on his player page Robert James Fischer Yes, Karpov was about 50 points ahead of Korchnoi, as Karpov pointed out, but Fischer was points ahead of Spassky who was 2 at the time. Like tennis: after winning the first set you are going to think to have the match in the pocket. Wilhelm Steinitz. Emanuel Lasker.

German, but TEA. Jose Raul Capablanca. Alexander Alekhine.

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Max Euwe. Mikhail Botvinnik. Vasily Smyslov. Mikhail Tal. Tigran PetrosiaN. Boris Spassky.