Manual Al Qaeda in Its Third Decade: Irreversible Decline or Imminent Victory? (Occasional Papers)

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Advertisement Hide. Front Matter Pages i-xix. Front Matter Pages Conceptualizing State Counterterrorism. Pages Countering Terrorism in Bangladesh. Countering Terrorism in Sri Lanka. About this book Introduction The Palgrave Handbook of Global Counterterrorism Policy examines a comprehensive range of counterterrorism policies, strategies, and practices across dozens of states and actors around the world. It covers the topics of terrorism and counterterrorism both thematically and by region, allowing for discussions about the underpinning dynamics of these fields, consideration of how terrorism and counterterrorism are evolving in the modern period, and in-depth analyses of individual states and non-state actors, and their approaches to countering terrorism and terrorist threats.

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It draws upon a multidisciplinary range of established scholars and upcoming new researchers from across multiple fields including political science and international relations, sociology, and history, examining both theory and practice in their respective chapters. Yes, it took aerial photographs of alleged chemical factories in Kandahar to get him to closure. But he got there—which is more than Bush ever did in four years. The isolationists on the right and far left , of course, are pointing to this as a reason to—yes—back down.

Unhinged, as usual. Yes, there are grave risks of acting, but the fact remains that Al Qaeda has attacked U. Each blast killed more and more. We have no idea what Al Qaeda has been able to get its hands on these past few years. Do they have secret contacts in Pakistan as well as Iran?

Do they have nuclear material? September 14, , a. History teaches, as President Reagan proved, that wars begin when our enemies believe the price of aggression is cheap. We stand at a crossroads in history—to hand the future of humankind to religious extremists at home and abroad, or to fight for our values and our Constitution and our security as Americans.

I do not regard this as a partisan matter, or as a political matter. The security of the West is at stake, and we must act now, before it is too late. The air strikes began this morning. Next stop: ground troops? September 23, , p.

The Palgrave Handbook of Global Counterterrorism Policy

The major air campaign is over. But Al Qaeda still runs the country. Now what? October 23, , a. Write this date down now: October 23, The synchronization—five Western cities, if you include Tel Aviv and Moscow, within one hour of each other—suggests a sophisticated operation.

Terrorism Is Not Effective -

There are poignant reports on CNN of text messages sent from the subway cars in the few minutes before the gas killed the passengers. They finish mid-sentence. London seems to be the worst hit so far. But how were the chemical weapons unleashed? We now know one thing: The Islamists were far too smart to attack prematurely. They could have pulled off a major domestic attack like this years ago.

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I wonder how Bush would have responded if they had. Probably with the same deer-in-the-headlights rigidity with which he handled the economy. Al Qaeda used the time to develop their WMD networks, their training camps, their ground troops. We thought our attack on Afghanistan was at a time we chose. We were dreaming. They do. October 23, , p. The president has issued an emergency freeze on all domestic flights. I guess the gas could work just as well in a Up here in Ptown, people are walking about in a daze—and the skies are eerily silent, except for a couple of military planes that just flew ominously overhead.

Fox News keeps running the London footage. A work friend of his is missing. When Hitler struck, Londoners went into the tubes to escape the carnage. Al Qaeda has turned that refuge into a mass tomb. Meanwhile, chaos in NYC. A blogger who was on the path train under the World Trade Center remember ? All I could see was blackness and then the coughing and screaming. I held my breath, but my eyes started watering and I felt as if I was going to puke. A big guy on the up escalator dropped like a professionally demolished skyscraper.

Others on the platform seemed to be going into convulsions.

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  5. To recap: We now have reports of up to 30 separate gas attacks in subway systems in New York, D. October 24, , p. CNN is reporting that the chemical used—hydrogen cyanide—may have been detonated by up to a hundred suicide bombers around the world. Talk about asymmetric warfare. The use of suicide bombers is therefore … simply a statement of determination and resolve. Martyrdom as a psychological weapon. The death count is now estimated in the thousands. This could change, of course. Remember the first reports from Hurricane Georgia? November 21, , p. Yes, the ultimate responsibility lies with Al Qaeda.

    But without the needless provocation by the president, thousands of Americans would be alive today. Containment could have worked. And so DeLay does to Gore what he once did to Clinton: undermine him in a critical war. Most Americans understand that the attacks prove how vulnerable we always were.

    The exit polls show that a clear majority of Gore voters who leaned Republican or independent saw the carnage in the embassies and voted accordingly. Gore has also neutralized the conservative isolationists by playing the anti-gay card so shrewdly. Campaigning against gay marriage helped him win a sliver of the GOP vote—enough to get him Ohio anyway. But his hawkishness was key. It still is. November 30, , a. The country wants to be united, despite the cynicism of the Republican right and now the defeatist rumblings on the academic far left. Still: No one in the West is to blame for this. No one. It was merely wrong. It is hard enough to believe that individuals really do want to murder infidels.

    Who could have foreseen the simultaneous live burial of 10, innocent human beings over two continents? It was, as the tabloids put it, a terrorist tsunami. And like the actual one the Christmas before last, we did not have the warning signs to see it coming. December 12, , p. Good news: The Senate vote on ground troops to Afghanistan sends exactly the right message of commitment. Gore is arguing that only by democratizing the Middle East can we win the long-term war. I can see the broad ideological point: We have to offer an alternative to the medieval despotism now gripping the region.

    But this is also where my own conservatism kicks in. December 13, , p. My sources tell me that former president Bill Clinton, even after his recent heart attack, will find the strength to sit behind Gore when he gives his address to the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs next Saturday. There are even rumors that both president Bushes will show up—as an effort to convey national unity.

    Classy of them, especially the younger one. Unlike some in his party. January 12, , a. Reports are coming through overnight that Musharraf has been overthrown in Pakistan in what seems to be an Islamist coup centered in the intelligence services. Not confirmed yet—but it would not be a huge surprise. But, alas, over the last five years, Al Qaeda has dispersed its leadership across the globe, from Indonesia to Londonistan. Getting Osama would be emotionally satisfying.